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Since Rapid Time Recruit became the newest name in the recruitment industry back in 2021, we’ve carved out a reputation for providing excellent customer service and outstanding communication.

Compliance and driver well-being sits at the centre of our ethos, reflected in the longevity and high retention rate of our drivers.

We’re eager to take your feedback on board and act on it, striving to create sustainable partnerships with combined growth, We’re ambitious and we love working collaboratively to achieve great things.


We are looking to work with reputable logistics companies in the Yorkshire area, the North West and beyond.

But also candidates looking for a recruitment agency that not only protects their interest but also understands their challenges.....That’s our mission!




  • We understand both the needs of our clients and our workforce.

  • We appreciate the need for, and achieve work/life balance for workers through flexibility.

  • We align expectation of clients and workers to mutual benefit.


  • We always deliver on our promises (we do what we say we will do)

  • We provide complete transparency to both clients and employees.

  • We demonstrate respect to all individuals involved with Rapid Time Recruit.



  • We put in 100% effort into everything we undertake.

  • Our focus is on achieving our goals.

  • We prioritize what matters most to our clients and employees.

  • Our goal is to elevate standards in the recruitment industry.

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